Smoking Laws (delux edition)

Smoking Laws with extras and Eggwork's Sundance Short Films (Lunch, Autobank & Who's Your Daddy).

  • Smoking Laws

    1h 20m

    Smoking Laws (83 min)

    SMOKING LAWS explores a night in the life of a smoke-free bar during the coldest night of year. The film takes a look inside the conversations and confrontations that last the length of a cigarette. It offers a voyeuristic look at the random strangers brought together by ...

  • Smoking Laws - Deleted Scenes

    4m 17s

  • Smoking Laws - Gag Reel

    2m 23s

  • Lunch - a short film

    3m 55s

    LUNCH – (3:42) – An office worker enters a corporate cafeteria with an obscene lunch and an overwhelming desire to get fired.

    Festivals – Sundance, SXSW, Florida Film Festival, Empire State, Animatter, DC Independent, Arizona Film Festival, US Comedy Arts, Asbury Short Film Festival, American ...

  • Autobank - a short film

    2m 28s

    Autobank (2:18) – A bank teller deals with ennui and the strangest customer ever.

    Festivals – Sundance Film Festival, IFP Buzz Cuts, Maui, Lake Placid, LA Shorts, Anit Matter, 1 Reel, & Woodstock. Broadcast – Comedy Central, Universal Networks UK

    Written & directed by Matthew Ehlers, Produc...

  • Who's Your Daddy - a short film

    3m 19s

    Who’s Your Daddy? (3 min 18 sec) Official selection – Sundance Film Festival – A mysterious lothario invades a small town, leaving a group of angry husbands in his wake.

    Festivals – Sundance, SXSW, Woodstock, Just For Laughs, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, 1 Reel, & Farmington Funny Film Festival. Bro...